Integrated single tool with all platforms
Allow your patients to make appointment anytime, anywhere

Online patient acquisition through web

Make appointment directly from Google Map.

Instead of checking address, direction, phone number etc., your patients could make appointment directly through Google network.

Add a book "Button" to your website.

Convert the visitors of your website to your patients conveniently.

Let the power of social media does their works.

Do you have a Facebook account? Do your patients follow you? How about their friends? Convert all of them to your patients with Encore Med, the integrated single tool.

Online patient acquisition through 3rd party App

Panel doctor? Let patient books directly from the Mobile App.

Integration with insurance company enable patients to make appointment directly and it goes to your single dashboard.

I found you on Waze.

Patients tend to search for clinic location via Waze, why don't you let them to make appointment directly?

Appointments from directory App go into your dashboard.

No more checking and replying email! All appointments will be managed by a single dashboard.

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