Smart Queue Sequence

Intelligent queue logic to ensure queue is always in control

Busy clinic?
Looking for harmony clinic environment?

Single screen of appointment and walk-in queue.

Single screen to display 2 separate queue sequences, namely appointment-base queue sequence and walk-in queue sequence. Appointment-base queue sequence is determined based on time while walk-in is first come first served basis. However, both sequences are interrelated and connected to work as a robust queue system.

Keep patient waiting time at a minimum.

Our AI is so smart that it can minimise the waiting time of all patients. What is does are counting every second and ensure the time is utilised perfectly. No wastage means improved efficiency.

"Pause" the "MIA" patient.

Encore Med queue logic is so powerful that it even equipped with "Pause" and "Await" functions. If a patient has arrived but Missing In Action (MIA), during his/her turn, you may pause for a moment and continue upon his/her returned. You may continue with the next patient in between.

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