Advanced Appointment System

Manage appointment & walk-in patients easily in a single dashboard.

Don't get confused, you may manage both appointment and walk-in patients separately but in a single dashboard. Looks simple but helpful.

Easily Identifying booking status.

No more flipping in between different pages, you may view and identify booking status in a glance. Colours in the booking status such as "Pending Patient Confirmation", "Arrived", "Completed", "No Show", "Cancelled By Patient", "Coming Patient" etc. will tell you where are the patients now.

Waiting time monitoring.

Will patients get very upset if they have spent quite a long time in the clinic but you don't have data to tell? With Encore Med, you may explain to the patients how long they have been waiting, in hour; minute and even in second.

No phone call required, auto reminder on appointment made.

Encore Med acts as your receptionist, automatically sending in app notification and SMS to patients on appointment made. We strive to ensure 100% attendance for all appointment-base patients.

Cancel, delay, transfer appointment?
Broadcast to all patients in few clicks.

We understand what happened everyday in clinics and we know your needs. In case you need to cancel, delay or transfer the appointments, you may notify the patients with just few clicks. Calling patients one after another is just don't work these days. Patients will be notified either in app notification or SMS or both, be it one patient to all patients involved.

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